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Product Engineering involves a wide range of programming tools, processors / microprocessors, memory devices, interfaces, operating systems, UI Tools to design and engineer an embedded product. Apart from this, embedded engineering services considers various quality and environmental regulations to ensure safe and secure deployment of products. Our futuristic embedded software and systems design solutions help customer realize their product and business vision. B2B IT Solutions is a leading product engineering company in India. Mistral’s Product Engineering Services are delivered through a well-proven development process, designed for embedded product development. Our Product Engineering Services help customers visualize, architect and manage the complete development lifecycle for a product—from product design, to develop, test, deploy, support and sustain. Mistral’s embedded engineering services help customers to reduce the cost and complexity of their product design. Our Product Engineering Services comprise of both hardware design and software development, with both the teams working together in a seamless manner, enabling us to help product developers translate their ideas into innovative products in an efficient manner.


Among the leading product engineering services companies in India, B2B IT Solutions Embedded Engineering Services encompass the entire product development life-cycle. Our product engineering services include complex hardware design, FPGA Design, RF Designs, system software development, Audio and Video integration, Cloud, IoT and Mobile Apps, UI/UX designs, testing and validation, production support and product sustenance. B2B IT Solutions Embedded Engineering Services team can assist customers through all or any stage of their product development life cycle – from concept to execution.

Our embedded engineering services based designs have been commercially deployed across the globe in a wide range of applications. B2B IT Solutions culture of embedded engineering services is complemented by a drive for innovation in the embedded domain. Our embedded engineers ensure customer success by implementing the latest product design and development practices combined with quality assurance standards that help reduce investment and ensure faster time to market.

Embedded Engineering Services

Embedded Engineering Services at B2B IT Solutions involve providing expert design and development services for small footprint, power-optimized designs that cater to a wide range of applications. If you looking to create cutting-edge products our experts can help you address any technology challenge in domains such as Wearable Electronics, Internet of Things (IoT), Medical Electronics, ePOS and Biometrics, Home Automation and Industrial Automation, Drones and UAVs, Assistive Technology and Infotainment. As a leading embedded product engineering company, we help customers realize their product vision and transform them into feature-rich products that can be taken to market faster.

Our Embedded Engineering Services team follows a V-model and Agile approach to embedded product design, offering complete, end-to-end embedded engineering services, from concept to deployment and beyond